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September 2018

Blocked Gutters – Moss

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Where does the moss in my gutter come from and why is it always spread all over my patio?

The moss in your gutter is thriving on nutrients provided by decomposing debris.

It can get there by falling from your roof or by natural germination from spores and will only grow in places where the light levels are just right.

Birds looking for grubs and insects are responsible for  turfing it out onto your patio.

Gutter clearing every 2 to 3 years (yearly for properties surrounded by trees) will prevent this. 

Impressed concrete

Impressed Concrete – Ask the experts!

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Impressed or Imprinter or Patterned concrete – it’s all the same.

Expensive to lay and unless you know what your doing, can look awful when re-coated.

It’s advised that impressed concrete drives and paths are re-coated every 3 to 4 years.

This is important as UV and the weather in general will slowly degrade the coating. The coatings used are reversible in nature – i.e. they don’t actually cure like a normal paint would. They do however have the capability of disolving or blending into the previous coat.

Re-coating shouldn’t be attempted in hot weather nor when the concrete is moist or wet – this is crucial.

We have over 30 years experience within the coatings industry so you can be assured that we know how to apply these products.

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Decking paint

Decking Revival

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Left untreated, decking soon becomes infested with algae, moss and lichen.

Pressure washing will only remove surface algae etc and will leave a majority ingrained within structure.

We treat to eliminate all existing algae so that it won’t re-colonise.

Re-sealing in your choice of finish is done when your decking is suitably dry.

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