Conservatory Cleaning.

Is your conservatory looking tired?

Tainted green with algae!

Algae will not only discolour your glass, polycarbonate, or UPVC,  it’ll greatly reduce any light penetration too!

Cleaning alone won’t stop the algae and moss from re-growing “that’s why we treat all surfaces too”. Keeping your expensive conservatory looking new again for much longer!

Blitz My Place offer a comprehensive conservatory cleaning service that will transform your conservatory which includes:

  • thorough cleaning and treatment of all UPVC surfaces and windows

  • complete internal cleaning

  • gutter cleaning and repairs

  • cleaning and treatment of brickwork

  • finial cleaning

Conservatory revival really can make a difference to your home and greatly increase kerb appeal – get it Blitzed!!!

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Lead Flashing.

Lead (despite being very durable and relatively inert) will eventually Oxidise through the effects of weather.

Due to it’s very dense nature, it will expand and contract considerably more than most metals. Therefore, (unless the correct coating is applied) the Lead will expand with the heat from the sun causing unsuitable paints to crack and delaminate.

We have considerable experience within the coating sector and have used a suitable elastomeric coating which gives the appearance of new Lead. It’s elastomeric nature enables it to stretch with expansion.

We will suitably prepare the Lead flashing and paint it to your requirements with minimal disturbance. This coating is considerably more durable than other paint systems and will brighten up your property for many years to come.

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