House for sale or rent!?£

Selling or letting your property!

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression”.


First impressions really do count.

So why waste the opportunity to sell your home quicker and for a higher asking price?

Having found your property for sale, most buyers will look at your property from the road side prior to even making an appointment to view. This is the time to impress!

Our services will dramatically increase the selling potential of your home with a complete pre-sale face lift – Get your place Blitzed!!

A well presented home will:

  • maximise selling potential

  • sell faster

  • receive more enquiries

  • obtain a higher asking price

  • give the impression that your property has been well maintained

  • be more appealing than the competition

  • look better even on the greyest of day’s

“After all! When selling a car, we’d expect more interest if it was cleaned and polished to look it’s best”

House for sale or rent!?£££

Estate and Letting Agents.

We operate throughout Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire for many domestic customers who wish to improve the look and feel of their home (particularly when selling or letting).

To increase both their asking price and the speed at which they sell or let their property, we offer a presale package with which the appearance of their property is considerably enhanced and transformed. This ultimately:

  • increases interest in their property

  • creates a better feeling of well being when their property is viewed

  • increases their asking price which more than covers the cost of our property revitalisation service

  • greatly increases their selling potential thus boosting enquiries, viewings and makes for a quicker sale.

Property revitalisation will therefore be of great benefit to you (the estate or letting agency) by:

  • increasing sales and throughput

  • boosting your profit margin

  • improving your clients confidence in you therefore creating more repeat business

  • generating quicker sales and customer satisfaction

  • increasing your selling potential as an agent will decrease that of your competitors thus creating a larger share of the market for you.

We offer cost incentives for total improvement packages and discounts for repeat business.

“We really do make a difference”