Patio cleaning + treatment and protection.

Decking – Restored!

Green, algae infested, tired looking and too slippery to even walk on!

Wooden decking provides an ideal habitat for algae and moss which feed on the nutrients provided by it’s decomposition.

The Tanalised timber from which your decking is made will lose it’s effect after approximately 5 to 7 years. Regular cleaning and treatment will prolong this.

We offer a service which will restore that tired looking deck to it’s former glory – Thorough cleaning, treatment and re-sealing.

“You’ll be amazed at the difference we can make to that weathered looking deck”.

See how this decking looked before the Blitz!

Patio cleaning.

Natural Stone – Renewed!

Natural Stone provides the perfect environment for algae to thrive due to the mineral nutrients it provides.

It will rapidly become infested with a green slippery film if left unattended.

Blitzmyplace can provide an instant result that will restore your natural stone patio or path to it’s original look without excessive damage to the stone or grout.

Natural stone tends not to be receptive to sealers which will more than likely de-laminate. Our solution therefore is an inexpensive treatment on an annual basis.

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Patio cleaning.

Block Paving – Blitzed!

Pressure washing your block paving will only improve it’s look temporarily. That’s why we additionally treat it, killing all residual algae, moss and lichens. It’ll have a much cleaner look and stay new looking for a great deal longer. 

Block paving will soon become green and tired looking due to the infestation of weeds, algae and moss etc.

We can rejuvenate it and make it look as if it had just been laid.

With years of experience, we restore block paving to the book. Existing weeds are killed prior to starting, almost all existing sand is removed and treatment after cleaning.

For ultimate protection we can seal your block paved drive, patio or path or alternatively, return once a year for a “top up” treatment.

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