Gutter Clearing.

We clear gutters from ground level with a camera monitored high powered vacuum system. This system can easily remove blockages, weeds, debris, moss and leaves.

With no damage to your gutters from blokes on ladders, we can easily reach where ladders simply can’t such as over conservatories and extensions etc. No mess and much safer!

We’ll also provide you with before and after photo’s + video footage too – so you’ll know that your gutters have been cleared to the highest standards.

Your downpipes will also be checked and cleared of blockages to ensure adequate flow.

Fascia Cleaning.

We’ll clean and treat  your fascia’s, soffit’s and downpipes – to prevent algal re-colonisation. So they’ll look like new again for a whole lot longer than a simple wash.

We’re reliable, competitive, professional, friendly and trustworthy – “all you’d expect from a local Trusted Trader”.

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Office – 01332 515782

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Driveway and patio cleaning.

Pressure washing alone will only improve the look of outdoor surfaces for a short while. The more you pressure wash – the more you’ll erode the surface.

We treat all exterior surfaces.

Your drive probably represents at least a third of your property’s frontage – so can you imagine how much better your home will look when it’s Blitzed?

We revive tarmac, block paved and impressed concrete driveways and treat them too, so they remain new looking for much longer.

Join our annual treatment plan at minimal cost and it’ll stay looking great for years.

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Tarmac Drive Revival.

After a few years, tarmac surfaces become faded, oxidised and brittle from the effects of the weather and general use.

We offer a service that will completely transform your tired looking tarmac.

Our coating system will:

  1. Dramatically improve your property’s frontage.

  2. Add value to your home.

  3. Increase the life expectancy of your tarmac driveway.

  4. Deter the regrowth of moss, weeds and lichen.

  5. Impede the growth of slippery algae.

  6. Enable easier cleaning and maintenance.

  7. Help to prevent the formation of cracks and bind loose stones thus reducing the effects of erosion.

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Decking and Balustrades. 

“Is your decking algae infested, tired looking and so slippery when it’s wet – you can’t even walk on it”?

Decking when new looks fresh and reveals the woods natural grain. However, (over time) algae, lichen and moss settle and thrive on available nutrients produced from your decomposing decking.

Pressure washing alone will not kill the algae that’ll still be present. Uncontrolled pressure washing will also cause splintering! 

Most modern decking boards are tanalised to prevent this but it will only protect for up to 6 or so years.

Our cleaning process is accompanied by chemical treatment which kills all residual algae and prevents it re-colonising.

We offer a full primary clean, treatment and either re-oiling, re-staining or re-painting.

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