Tarmac Drives – Revived!

Driveway cleaning and re-coating -“there’s no need for expensive resurfacing”.

Driveway cleaning without additional treatment is a waste of time and money.

Tarmac Drives usually represent at least a third of a property’s frontage so can you imagine the impact that a new looking drive will have on your home!

The weather and the effects of UV slowly break down the organic compounds in your tarmac causing it to degrade and lose it’s colour.

Available in Black or Red, we can can completely revive it!

So, besides looking new again and improving your kerb appeal it’ll:

  • Add value to your home.

  • Increase the life expectancy of your tarmac driveway.

  • Deter the regrowth of moss, weeds and lichen.

  • Impede the growth of slippery algae.

  • Enable easier cleaning and maintenance.

  • Help to prevent the formation of cracks and bind loose stones thus reducing the effects of erosion.

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Block Paving – Rejuvenated!

Pressure washing your block paving will only improve it’s look temporarily. That’s why we additionally treat it, killing all residual algae, moss and lichens. It’ll have a much cleaner look and stay new looking for a great deal longer. 

Block paving will soon become green and tired looking due to the infestation of weeds, algae and moss etc.

We can rejuvenate it and make it look as if it had just been laid.

With years of experience, we restore block paving to the highest quality. Existing weeds are killed prior to starting, almost all existing sand is removed and treatment after cleaning.

For ultimate protection we can seal your block paved drive, patio or path or alternatively, return once a year for a “top up” treatment.

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Impressed concrete – Restored!

“Let us restore your drive to it’s former glory”.

Driveway cleaning of Impressed, imprinted or patterned concrete – “it’s all the same”.

If not prepared and re-coated correctly, your newly coated driveway will soon delaminate due to wear, weather through poor adhesion.

We have years of experience in re-coating driveways and indeed within the coatings industry.

The products that we use are tried, tested and trusted over many years.

Trust us – we’re a trusted trader!